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At a Grocery Store 在杂货店

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Sarah : Anybody here?
Shop-keeper : Coming, I'm coming....Hi, Sarah. What do you want today?
Sarah : Quite a lot. I need one pound of potatoes, three pints of milk, a dozen brown eggs, two pounds of corn, one pint of olive oil, one pound of cucumber, half a pound of mushroom, and one pound of tomatoes.
Shop- keeper : Do you need any fruit? Our fruit is very fresh today.
Sarah : How do you sell the lemons?
Shop- keeper : Lemons are three for ten cents.
Sarah : Are they juicy? I want to use them for juice.
Shop-keeper : They are ripe and juicy, so are the watermelon.
Sarah : No, I don't want watermelons. They're not in season yet. Just give me a dozen lemons.
Shop- keeper : Very well. Anything else?
Sarah : I also need a loaf of sliced bread and a pound of coffee.
Shop- keeper : What kind of coffee? Drip or instant?
Sarah : Give me the coarser grind. We make coffee in a percolator at home.
Shop- keeper : All right.
Sarah : And a bottle of catsup. Any brand will do....Can you send this order to my house this afternoon?
Shop- keeper : Certainly!
Sarah : Thanks. How much will that be? I'll give you a cheque now.

1.Grind n.碾、研磨,亦可当动词。
2.Percolator n.咖啡过滤器,附有过滤器的咖啡壶。

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