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Offering praise and encouragement赞扬和鼓励

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At her boss' request[1], Mary is knocking at Mr. Chandler's door to see him.

M: Come in, please. Oh, Mary, come over and sit here. Your annual report[2] is well done. I heard that you did it within just two days.
W: Yeah. But I've received a lot of help from my colleagues.
M: I know you're a capable person. The others couldn't have help you much. They had their own work to do.
W: Thank you for saying that. But I don't always do a good job. I've been thinking that you must still be upset with me[4] for the wrong figures I gave you the day before yesterday.
M: Take it easy.[5] Everyone makes mistakes. However, be more careful next time. You have a bright future ahead of you.
W: Thank you so much for your encouragement, Mr. Chandler. I will do my best.




M: 请进。哦,玛丽,过来坐在这儿。你的年终报告做得不错。我听说你两天就做完了。
W: 是的。不过我从同事那儿得到了不少的帮助。
M: 我知道你很能干。他们也帮不了你多少忙。他们自己也有工作要做。
W: 谢谢您这么说。但我并不是一直都把工作做得很好。我还在想,您一定为我前天给您的数据错了很生气呢。
M: 别紧张。每个人都会犯错误。不过,下次细心点。你前途很光明的。
W: 多谢您的鼓励,钱德勒先生。我会尽我的最大努力。

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